Hand in hand we will walk through this. Offer & Receive Help during hard times.

Hello and nice to have you here! Hallo und schön, dass Du hier bist! Привіт і приємно мати вас тут!

The current situation has us all in shock and we have been looking for a solution where we can support each other. Not just in one way, but in many different ways. Here you have the opportunity to exchange with others, to get help as well as to offer help. Because together we can achieve great things.  
Write to us here if you feel exhausted, burned out, if you are looking for someone to share, if you want to know how to regain energy. You are also right here if you have fled and are looking for accommodation, need clothes, a job or anything else that we can support.
Also write to us here if you would like to help, as a listener, with an open ear for needs, with free coaching, with help for accommodation, clothing, a job or anything else that you can use to support refugees or people in need in Ukraine.

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